皇家奇努克鲑鱼不加盐.5 oz.

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Harvested from the pristine 水s off the Alaskan coast, 我们的三文鱼拥有精致而丰富的风味, 体现了奇努克人的精髓.

通过可持续的海洋巨魔方法采购, each 大马哈鱼 is carefully selected at the peak of its quality, 坚持严格的环保标准. 以其鲜艳的色彩而闻名, 温柔的质感, 和高Omega-3脂肪酸含量, our Chinook 大马哈鱼 offers both culinary excellence and nutritional benefits.

Our dedication to quality extends to every step of the process. 每条鲑鱼都经过精心加工, 特别精致的包装,没有皮肤和骨头, 用它的原汁煮一次. This preserves the full spectrum of Omega-3s and nutrients, ensuring that every bite delivers the true essence of the ocean’s flavor. The pure omega-3 fish 石油 accompanying the 大马哈鱼 in each can is a testament to its natural goodness.


没有皮肤和骨头的额外包装, cooked only once in its own natural juices to preserve vital Omega 3’s and nutrients. 罐头里的液体是纯鱼油. 没有添加任何内容.

不要把液体吸干,这是纯欧米伽- 3鱼油!

MSC认证. 用不含bpa的罐头包装.

一箱是24罐. 一半是12罐.




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15条评论 皇家奇努克鲑鱼不加盐.5 oz.

  1. 朱利安Mcmurrey

    我多年来一直是俄勒冈选择的客户. It is a combination of a quality product and great customer service that keeps us coming back.

  2. 塞缪尔·科克伦

    I’ve purchased canned 大马哈鱼 from just about every quality company on the West Coast, BC, and Alaska
    但我从来没吃过这样的鲑鱼 !!
    我发誓就像糖果一样 !!
    I literally drank the 石油 which I usually don’t focus on; awesome.

  3. Jean costanti oehler

    we look forward to enjoying this 大马哈鱼, we are very old established 大马哈鱼 fishing family


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